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E-commerce Furniture & Interior Design Website



Designsby3M is the development of an e-commerce website for an online furniture and interior business. An elegant blend of aesthetics and functionality, this project displays my ability to meet diverse customer needs.

My Role & Contributions:

Planning: I was responsible for the site’s strategic planning, ensuring a seamless alignment with the business model, customer preferences, and market trends.

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing: I performed in-depth QA testing to ensure every visitor to the site enjoys a stellar shopping experience.

Graphics & Content Creation: I designed all graphics and developed the content for the project, creating a cohesive aesthetic that aligns perfectly with the brand.

E-commerce & Supplier Integration: I implemented e-commerce capabilities and integrated the site with the client’s supplier. This automation guarantees daily inventory updates, keeping stock information accurate and current.

Continuous Maintenance: My commitment to this project will remain steadfast even after launch—I pledge to provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and enhancements as needed.