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Property Management App

This property management app represents a complete circle of my skills in project management and aptitude in team leadership.

My Role & Contributions:

  • Project Management: I orchestrated the entire project, leading it from the initial concept stage to the completion.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Testing: I ensured the final product met all necessary quality standards and delivered an outstanding user experience.
  • Team Supervision: I hired and supervised a skilled back-end developer, overseeing the development process.
  • Front-End Implementation: I played a crucial role in implementing the front-end, ensuring a consistent interface and user experience across all platform elements.
  • Graphics & Content Creation: I designed and contributed all graphics and content, each piece tailored to meet the project’s specific needs.
  • Continuous Maintenance: My commitment to this app extends beyond its creation, as I will continue to provide updates, enhancements, and maintenance as required.

Visit the Property Management App for a firsthand view of my work and how I can bring your project to life!