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Maintenance and Renovation Business



The most current project in my portfolio is creating a professional website for, a maintenance and renovation business. This endeavor notably underscores my ability to develop functional and engaging websites that cater to specific industry needs.

My Role & Contributions:

Planning: I took the reins in the strategic planning process, ensuring every aspect of the site aligned with the client’s business objectives and the industry’s needs.

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing: I performed thorough QA testing to warrant a high-quality, user-friendly experience across the website.

Graphics & Content Creation: I designed all the graphics and developed content reflecting the brand’s reputation for professional service.

Marketing Material Creation: In addition to website design, I created compelling marketing materials to promote the client’s services effectively.

VoIP Setup: I set up their VoIP system to streamline client communications, facilitating easy customer connection and improving service delivery.

Check out the PropertiPro website to see how I’ve contributed to enhancing their online presence and streamlining their customer service. Let it spark some ideas on how I can bring your project to life!